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Default Re: Some formal Documentation On Hookah Vs Cigarettes?

Originally Posted by dakingkevin23 View Post
it's the cigarette companies! Propaganda!
Exactly. That little "study" you posted is the most bogus thing i've ever looked at!

It's been mentioned before around here, tar is only mostly produced when you burn tobacco. And that is exactly what you do with a cigarette, and as for shisha you 'cook' it. Given there's still tar produced when you smoke shisha, it's not nearly as much as cigarettes. Just as long as you don't pack your bowl like a n00b and have direct contact with the foil and shisha then have your shisha stick to the foil when you're done, you shouldn't really be concerned.

And nicotine, it depends what you're smoking. Nakhla and Tangiers have a substantial amount of nicotine in it, and smoking an hour long session of either of those certainly produces more nicotine than a single cigarette. But washed shisha's like AF, definitely not that much nic at all.
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