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Default Re: Smoking shisha stems ONLY 100%

Originally Posted by PakistaniMasty View Post
This is PakistaniMasty - I always have thought about smoking my stems but I never did. When I get a new container of Shisha and open it for the first time I aways sort through it and take all the stems out so I don't have to bother with that ever with the same package. But ever since I have been smokeing Hookah and buying my own Shisha I have been taking alll the stems out of my Shisha stash and have been putting them in an Empty Starbuzz Container I have enough stems to make like atleast 4 bowls. So I am planning to do what you did but the only thing is I can't get Shisha Juice in the USA and I don't know where to get gycorine from. But I will keep cpllecting all the stems for some wierd reason lol.
Nice, for shisha juice u can buy something called tasty puff which is similar (dont buy coconut, it sucks)
and glycerin u can in the pharmacy, or just add some honey but not too much unless it will be too sweet
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