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Default Re: Smoking shisha stems ONLY 100%

Originally Posted by dmcwebd View Post
I made that video live on my channel and and people that were there saw the whole part from me cutting up and packing it and placing the coal, so i have prove that its true what i was saying, if u think stems are bad, i'm fine with your decision, so let people find the real for them self, I had a nice time smoking the stems, and i'd really smoke it again to prove my point that stems are not harsh, dont burn quick, and dont taste like sh*t
Please don't misunderstand me. I am not suggesting that you did not do what you said or that you did not have a good session. Obviously you did what you said so I hope that you did not think I implied otherwise. However, I do feel that stems are not desirable for the reasons i've mentioned before and I doubt that most people would enjoy smoking stems but obviously anyone that wants to try it should do so. Anyway, I enjoy your crazy experiments and like reading about them.
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