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Default Re: I need advice on Good but Cheap Shisha and Coals

My .02 for all it's worth, many here gave great suggestions. Exoticas are a great choice in coals, both for price and amount received. They last a long time - I have 2 other types of natural stick coals and neither produce as much heat or last as long.

As to the cheaper shisha, Nakhla is another good suggestion here. I would suggest skipping over Al Amir (unless you go for the White Grape - as Dunk said, it DOES have some flavor, most AA doesn't) and look into Al Waha, Sahara and possibly Crystal if you can find it.

Sahara and Crystal run the same price (mostly but the Fak lines) as Nakhla, same with Al Waha. AW has many, many flavors - not as many as Nakhla, but still a very good selection.

Good luck!
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