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Default Re: Some Starbuzz...

Everybody gave good reasons for and against, for both SB and Tangiers (and other brands). It all comes down to personal preference - some people love the buzz of Tangiers and can handle the "other side" effects Tangiers has. Others like the ease and good taste of the SB shisha. Some perefer different brands completely. It all depends on how much you want to spend on the stuff, if you think the flavors are worth it.

I like certain flavors of Tangiers but it makes me sick, I'm not able to tolerate the side effects.
I like certain flavors of SB, but it can be costly and somewhat difficult to master (SB tends to be heat sensative).
But.... I do love other brands - Layalina, Al Fakher, Nahkla, Al Waha... ect.

Best bet, trade for some samples BEFORE buying the full-sized tubs. Read reviews and compair.

Everybody's tastes are different, what I like you may hate (and visa versa).
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