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Default Re: Some formal Documentation On Hookah Vs Cigarettes?

Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
Negation of the facts. Inaccuracy? "Real World"? Pardon me while I try to determine what the facts are. OK, did that and guess what? Depending upon what forum you follow, your subscription on the web, your political reference, the time of the day, phase of moon, and how your shoes fit, you can easily support or detract the hobby of the hookah. "Studies have been conducted", shall we engage in the field of Solipsism?

I offer one question, do you want to smoke or not?

So why all the hulla-ba-loo?

I appeal to the moderators to move move these "health posts" from the mainstream to the General Yadda-yadda column.
Surely you cannot ignore the anecdotal evidence provided by many members.
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