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Default Re: slightly pink smoke for AF?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Wow... ok.

This has been discussed many times and I would like to clear some things up.
Sadly adding food coloring to the water, shisha or anything in between will not change the color. Good thinking though.

It is not from juice dripping down into the base. That would not change anything. And have no more effect than food coloring would. (see also: none)

It is from the ambient reflected light in the room. When water vapor is that dense it becomes visible and with this the light refracted through it/ off of it also becomes more visible (see also: clouds). Since the vapor is not actually solid the light passes partially through and is redirected by the water, thus more of the "smoke" takes on the color than just the side facing the dominant color in the room.
ya i understand that is what it should be but i would have expected other colors from what is around the room, idk maybe its just that the red stuff in the room is stronger, idk

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