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Default Re: Distance between colas foil and tabaco.

Originally Posted by ronchinoy View Post
Im still not 100% sure that I have the packing of the tabaco down.
I have seen it being done at diffirent clubs and locations and each place does it diffirent.
Some really pack it in some dont like in the Videos I have seen of Hookah Pro.

My question is how much gap do you leave between the tabaco and the foil.

Asuming you follow the DIrections in the Videos. Where the tabaco is just level with the top of the cup. Then what happens is when you light up.
The top layer stiks to the foil and burns.
Maybe there is some ammount of gap to be left between the foil and the tabaco.

What am I doing wrong if every time after a smoke. The top layer of tabaco is black and burnt and the tabaco at the lower levels is pretty much unsmoked ?

Right now what I do is after some time lift the foil. Throw away the burnt tabaco and move the unburnt tabaco arround but this cant be right way.

Any help appricated.
thats normal
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