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Default Problems.

Hello everyone.
Im new to the whole hookah thing. My hookah is 2weeks old. Its nothing special, just a plain small 1 hose hookah with standar bowl.

Here are my hookah did not come with any cleaning brushes, so it has not had a super great cleaning yet. I do wash everything down, after every bowl. (all 5 of them). But, it seems that no matter what flavor Im smoking it all tastes the same. I can taste subtle hints of flavor. But Im thinking they should be stronger.

The second problem is my hose. Tonight I was smoking some watermellon. On some of my deeper hits, I was getting black flecks in my mouth. Also, it tasted like I was sucking air out of a bike tire. A real plastic / rubber taste. So Just to see where the problem was, I took a hit from the hookah, with no hose. No black flecks, no rubber taste and no major head rush.

So I sucked air through the hose alone. So much crap came out.
and when I blew air thru it onto my finger, my finger turned black.

Whats going on...

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