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Cool Bowl for my QT

Alright, before I begin . . .

I'm the kind of guy who would pimp out a trick out a rusty minivan, so bear with me =).

I'm actually "pimping" out my QT, I ordered the olive green, got a Green Nammor to go with it, and i'm looking for a bowl to go with it.

Your thoughts: *wtf, why is this fucker rigging out a QT?"

Answer: Because i'm the "live in a townhouse drive a Lexus type of guy =)"

I wanted to know if a Vortex would fit on a QT, and if it will do i have to purchase a separate grommit? I hear people talking about these phunnel bowls as well, but I can't find a scalli's mod to save my life and i'm not the craftiest of people =). Just wanted your thoughts on
A) Can a vortex fit on a QT
B) if so, will i need to order a grommit
C) should i just say F it and go with the phunnel
D) how would i go about modding the Phunnel, or does it have to be modded at all?

Thanks in advance.
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