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Default Re: Horrible Hookah Sickness

I smoke every single day, sometimes twice if I get a chance at lunch. Usually 2-3 bowls a day total.

I've found a few things that can make me very, very sick.

First of all, if you're using quick-light coals, even Three Kings, they need to be fully red (no black spots) or you're drawing in lighter fluid.

Second, you need to realize certain flavors don't sit well with certain people. Rose is one of those for me, while I love Jasmine. I know people who can take five pulls of Jasmine and get seriously ill. It could just be one of the flavors you smoked.

Last, realize that smoking DOES increase your blood pressure. If you have enough nicotine AND are taking steady pulls and lacking oxygen, you're going to get ill just from the effect on your system. I proved this one night. I smoked a few bowls and felt REALLY ill. My blood pressure was 155 over 75, as compared to 120 over 60 normally. I took 1/2 of my father's blood pressure medication and suddenly felt totally fine. If you start feeling an actual stimulant feeling from the hookah, it's time to STOP.

On a final note, use a scotch-brite pad to clean your bowls before packing them with new shisha. The residue builds up on the inside of the bowl, and if you go a few sessions without cleaning, you are basically smoking the tobacco PLUS all the crusted nicotine stuck to the bowl.
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