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Default Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

It is no secret that the lobbyists employed by "Big Tobacco" are what is keeping cigarettes plentiful in the United States, which in turn, trickles down to the narghile market. In a way, I thank them for keeping the U.S. addicted to cheap cigarettes, therefore garnering more support against universal healthcare.

Nevermind that, though. That is the least of the evils we must worry about.

What if these companies began to tap into our niche market? What if they produced a cheap moa'ssel and mass-produced pipes, then unleashed them upon the American public?

The outcome would be disastrous. Due to wide-spread exposure, our humble hobby would become the latest targets of anti-smoking laws that were brought upon by the people who claim to know what is best for America, regardless of the fact that they are far out-of-touch with the citizens of this country.

Worse yet, if Socialized Medicine were to move on from nightmare to reality, it could possibly spell the death of tobacco use in America.

I fear for this country.

P.S. - Hajo, I await your reply.
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