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Default Re: Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Juno, one thing you didn't mention is that this is in fact America, people smoke cigarettes because they are lazy-ass mother fuckers. And now, people have even less money, so they are going to stick to their cigarettes because that is the cheapest way to ease their edginess.
Granted, this happened it wouldn't be the end of the world. Everyone would be trying to enjoy their cheap nargile, when we would be enjoying our authentic nargile to the fullest. Isn't it enough to just enjoy it as much as possible, or does it have to be a hobby only a certain amount of people can enjoy?

Smoking a cig, is easier than hookah for me. I spend 60+ hours a week at work, where hookahs aren't exactly embraced. I am not gonna run out to my car on a 15 minute break and set up my hookah and smoke it for 10 minutes, or stare at my quick light, like a shit-chucking ape when I could sit outside of the giant wal-mart building and get my nicotine
(at the expense of flavor, smoke content, and indulging in culture) from a stick that takes 3 seconds to light. Im not addicted to cigs, but I have them for the time saving.

Zen, it is pretty foolish to go out on a limb and say that people who smoke cigarettes are "lazy-ass mother fuckers" and I am kinda offended. I am by no means lazy, nor do I like hearing shit about cigarette smokers from the anti-tobacco nazi's and people on the forums who indulge in other forms of tobacco. What makes the people on these forums talking down about cigs and the people who smoke them, any different from the people who walk outside wal-mart and tell me "smoking cigs are bad".

Yes, I love hookah, and I would care if this shit happened, but I am not blowing it out of proportion, like everyone else. I can still enjoy me a nice nargile, some nice shisha tobacco, and some nice coals. When the day I can't have any of that arrives, then I will man my battle stations.

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