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Originally Posted by kenhookah View Post
I have a few questions. 1) how do you know if the smoke is too harsh? Like from it having too much heat or ash 2) How much smoking is too much? 3) I have a mya mini mod hookah, is it totally washable, or is there some thing I'm not suppose to wash? How to prevent rusting? Also what happens if you wash hoses that aren't washable? 4) I have bling! cleaning liquid that I used on my hookah but the strong smell of alfahker stayed in it. The hose also gives a plastic smell that ruins the flavor how do I get rid of the odors?
if the smoke is harsh you will cough or almost cough, youll know

how much smoking is to much, if you get sick thats to much, if you feel bad its too much. supposedly there was a study that said 1 hour/day looking at middle easterners didnt lead to any higher levels of carcinogens in their blood. this question is just very personal and depends on a lot of stuff. dont puff away for hours and hours though, take a little break between puffs, if you start to feel bad take a break or put it out. i smoke for 3-4 hours a night now, when clases start up ill probably be at 3-4 hours 2-4 times a week. but i also got used to smoking for a long period.

you need to use a brush on the stem to get it clean, if you dont have a brush you can resort to a small (small lik3 1/6 ish of a sheet rolled up well or you may get it stuck and have a pita to get out) and push it through with a coat hanger (fold back and flatten the end tough so you dont scrape the inside of the stem). i just rinse it with water, brush from each end, run some lemon juice in it, brush from each end, rinse, put some paper towel through to dry and get out any residue. then i rinse out the base, dry it, and rinse out the hose ports and dry them as well, every time i use it. keeps it nice and clean.

for the hoses im not suer if they are washable or not, give HS a call or hit their live chat guy and ask. if they have a plastic smell/taste i expect they are but check. only use cold water on washables and what ever other solution you want to put through it dont heat it up (if they are glued the warm/hot water can melt it). i lemon juiced my namors when i got them and the smell went away after like 1 smoke

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