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Default Re: Looking for someone who is willing to give me a hookah for free

Hello RIOS9,
PakistaniMasty - here wooooooooow why would anyone give you a free Hookah? who are you and what makes you so special? Grow up get a job pay for your own shit we all do it maybe you should to. Don't try to pull that shit on us oh my parents wont let me work wtf dude do you listen to EVERY SINGLE THING your parents say to you? I bet not. Your topic/post really pissed me off since I am a hard working person who has never had anything paid for since I turned 15 Ive been working my ass of for everything I have wanted so have a lott and I mean ALOT of other HookahPro members we all work for our shit use your brain make an ebay account sell the shit you dont want and buy a shitty hookah off of ebay.

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