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Default Re: Looking for someone who is willing to give me a hookah for free

As much as I want to get a job i cant, because my dad is crazy when it comes to my education and he's paying for a big part of it. He thinks that if i get a job during my freshman year, ill have a hard time and get lower grandes, and he'll stop paying and also if my gpa is lower than a 3.0 ill lose a scholarship i have.

So if i go against my dad's wishes and get a job and possibly get low grades, i doubt he'll paying for me to go to UGA and either have to live back home or go to a community college

and also, i'm not begging for a hookah, i'm just asking if there is someone who is willing to give me a hookah that they don't want. i'm not trying to convince anyone to give me one for free

and pakistanimasty, i dont know what monkey crawled up your vagina but relax