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Originally Posted by persianpimp730 View Post
im currently writing this post on a verrrrrrrrry slow,old dialup connected computer in mashad, iran. most sites here are banned so i was so happy to see this wasnt!
anywayssss recently ive been going to a hookah lounge down the street called mehregan. beautiful place! honestly its is the most gorgeous hookah lounge i have ever seen. fountains in the middle with little goldfish in it, the ceiling is dome shaped with beautiful hand layed honestly is liken a shrine! apparently the guy that owns it(his name is mohsen) inherited it from his father and now works here and sleeps upstairs....
the only bad thing about hookah here is its harsh! i cough numerous times and when other people try it there used to it! and the smoke is thin here i would say almost like smoke from a cigarette...i dont know if its how the pack it or tempted to ask mohsen if i can set up my own hookah but idk if itd seem rude...

i miss my KM! i wish i could smoke my KM with thick white clouds in this type of lounge....ive taken lots of pictures but dont have my cord here to upload pics so when i return back to the states in 11 days i will be sure to post pictures! this lounge puts all other lounges to shame!
Welcome to a real hookah lounge, with real tobacco!!! Over there it is going to be authentic, so don't expect that fake sugery SB flavor, nor the clouds made possible by some glycerin action. Traditional stuff tends to exclude the stuff that we are used to. I guess you could say its an acquired taste, and remember clouds are worthless
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