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Default Re: Horrible Hookah Sickness

I see. I know the feeling as I encountered it the first day I got my Nakhla shipment in. I personally think that when you get sick, you feel as if you wish shisha never existed, however, when you recover from the sickness all you wanna do is smoke. I know... it's crazy. Anyways, I took all the tips you guys gave me and I countered the sickness. I am able to smoke Nakhla like it's a weak herbal shisha now, if you can believe that. I think the most important thing is simply this - Don't be thick-headed trying to get big smoke...that's not where the art is. A lot of people were blown away with the video I posted where I got an unbelievable amount of smoke out of my Mya Bambino, and I appreciate all the great feedback you guys gave me. It really made me proud. However, if you guys wanna know the truth, it was an accident and I probably couldn't pull it off again. It was just one of those nights where everything worked accordingly and that session was the best I have EVER had. No harsh smoke, no burnt shisha, not the slightest bit of a headache, the flavour was there until the end, etc. etc....You guys really made me be more aware of flavour/physical well-being over big smoke and I am extremely grateful for that. YOU guys made the "Arabian Phenom." NEVER forget that
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