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Alrighty. I ordered a new 28" MZ hybrid hookah, a bunch of Fusion samples, a KM hose, a box of Three Kings, and a box of Golden coals from Hookah Company. I placed my order on the 30th of July.

Now, bearing in mind that I live in Australia, I was prepared to stick out the wait for my order. Normally packages shipped from the US arrive in 10-14 days, sometimes a little longer if they get stuck in customs for a little while, but normally about two weeks. It got to the 11th of August and I was happy waiting for my new hookah, expecting it sometime that week. I received an email that day saying that my order had only just been sent! To be honest, for an order to take 12 days to process is not really very good.

I received my package today, on the 20th of August. In terms of actual shipping time, 9 days is great, and if my package had been sent within say, a week, I'd be pretty darn happy with my order.

I sent an email on the 13th (if I recall correctly) enquiring about the shipping delay. I'm yet to receive a response.

My stuff all arrived in one piece, packaging was good, so no problems there.

Unfortunately, due to the slow turnaround, I'm going to have to give them a 5/10 based on this order. I may order again in the future, but that could be dependent on whether I end up receiving a reply to my email.
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