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Default Birthday Bash

As I have done before with my graduation from college I am turning to you, the hookahpro community, for suggestions regarding my B-day. I am turning 23 on sunday and want to do something. I usually don't make a big deal out of my events. Hell I got laugh out of it a few days ago when I brought up the idea of going to a strip club (first time) and a b-day was a good excuse. My friends all began to ponder who was next for a birthday. I let them come to their conclusions and then pointed out I had them all beat. Sunday. The looks of confusion are worth it.

Any crap, I want suggestions. I just ordered some Nakhla sweet melon and some Tangiers mimon along with the new CH QLs from John for a present to myself. It's nothing spectacular but it is all new stuff I have never tried. I have high hopes.

-special mixes. I have the majority of the Fusion fruit flavors, tangiers (cocoa, horchata and peach iced Tea) Nakhla Earl Gray, AW Vanilla and After 9 as well as what is coming in the mail.
-places to go in MA and the Boston area. I have been to the sunset for my last two B-days and love it but want something other than a good bar to get drunk in.
-I love to cook. Any fun foods you love to make for special occasions?

I would prefer night time activities and things that do not take all day to do. I work every day without exception.

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