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Default Re: What to buy?

stock hoses will always work, but once you smoke from one of the razan/namors you wont want to go back (i have 2 nammors and love the things)

250 can give you 5 sessions or it can give you 25 sessions, really depends on the bowl. i prefer the phunel bowls (i have a small i use all the time and get at least 2 hours if not 3+) out of it but it uses a decent amount of shisha. personally unless you have a flavor you know you like or you cant get it in a smaller size i wouldnt get the 250s right away, if you can find a good deal on the 50 or 100 gs like a sampler or what ever i would go with that. i bought a few 250s of flavors i never tried before and well, they are ok but not something i want to smoke all the time, and the frequency ive been smoking since i got my rig i got bored really quick.

i personally like the medium sized myas for a "cheaper" rig but they might be a little over that range for price.

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