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Default Re: Tangiers......Whats so good about it?

LOL I think it's funny how you guys pat yourself on the back as some sort of hookah ninjas. Here's what happens, it's like the 2 country farmers talking about dogs. The one country boy said to the other "Man, dog food sure is getting expensive!" The other country boy says "That doesn't effect me." The first fella says " What do you mean you have a dog!" "I know but I feed my dog bullshit." says the second man. "Bullshit" says the first man "Hell my dog won't eat bullshit!" The second man says "Mine didn't either for 2 weeks."

Moral of the story is, if you train yourself to try something unpleasant long enough you might grow to like it. Way too many good smelling, good tasting and buzz packing shishas out there to bother with Ol' Bar B que.
Tangiers =
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