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Default Re: Tips for a new smoker

for the stem you want, measure your base's mouth and existing downstem - that new stem looks very long/large compaired to the orginial. It would suck if you bought a decent stem and the base is too small.

everybody has given great advice, here's my .02:

Heat management is key, it can make or break a good session. If your 100% new to this, expect some bad sessions and don't give up. Just remember what you did and tweak it next time. Also remember, good coals are necessary to a great smoke - too little heat is easily correctable, too much can kill the bowl.

Experiment with different flavors and brands (ask for/offer samples). Since I take it you'r new, stick with certain brands like Al Waha, Al Amir {:P}, Al Fakher, Hookah-Hookah and the lot. Easier to experiement with and don't require a "fine art" to smoke. SB, Tangiers, Nakhla - all good in their own right, but may be harsher than you'll be used to and takes some perfecting to fully enjoy.

Invest in a good hose. KM hoses are supposed to be good, Nammors are nice (check out NazarHookah), MYA washables are good, but will rust eventually. Just becasue a hose isn't washable doesn't mean it isn't a good hose.
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