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i seem to swing between the two extremes: lazyiness and true ritual It can either take me 5min till I smoke or almost 30 mins till I sit down and enjoy.

All depends mostly on if the hookahs are clean, there's water in the fridge, and I'm ONLY trying to smoke (which almost never happens) - I'm often doing nine things at a time.

Choose coals - place on stove and start cooking.
Pick hookah (if need be, clean hookah), fill base from fridge water (I never use tap temp water) place on table/slate tile w/ cork board.
Pick bowl. Pack bowl and cover, poke holes. Place on hookah.
Pick hose - blow or clean.
Fetch coal w/ brass *** - find the blinking windcover.
Sit down, remember tea, fetch tea, sit back down.
Place coal on bowl with windcover.
Try to smoke, get called away (or remember something in the other end of the apt) come back and finally smoke 5-15 mins later (praying shisha is heated and not burnt becasue you left the blinking windcover on).
Either sit back and enjoy the smoke.... or..... place on second packed bowl and try again, but refuse to move away from the hookah this time.

On a good day, the hookahs are clean - bowls ready, water in fridge and I'm too lazy for the stove and I have some QL's. (Which rarely every happens this way - life isn't that nice)

Snatch Hookah, shisha, foil, tongs and brass *** in 1 fell swoop.
Get water jug and cork board.
Plant person at table.
Light QL, fill base, assemble hookah.
Pack bowl, foil, drop coal and sit back and smoke.
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