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Unhappy No hookah for me tonight :(

So tonight I setup my hookah like normal. I fill up the base w/ ice and water, fill ice bucket w/ ice, start the coals on my electric stove, perfectly measure out my shisha w/ my digital scale, pack bowl w/ shisha and put foil on it.

Just as the coals are almost white, I put everything together. As I start to put on my hose, I realize my hose grommet is missing. I put my now ready coals in my ash tray and search my place for the grommet for about 20 minutes.

The grommet was nowhere to be found. I think my cats must have stole it while I was cleaning my hookah last night.

I put out my coals in water and put my shisha back into the container from which it came. It's too late to go to a smoke shop and I don't have any backups.

I'll hit up the smoke shops tomorrow. Hopefully they stock them around here. I'll be sure to buy a couple of backups.
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