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Default Got ahold of some old AF

I was talking to my parents and telling them how AF has changed alot over the last year or so. Well they came over last night with 4 x 250g of the old two apple pack produced March 06. It's past the expiration date but really I don't think it matters for my own personal use. Needless to say it was my smoke last night. The cut was bigger and the wetness was from honey/natural (seeming), unlike the red stuff it comes with now. There is a good amount of anise but there is a balance, not overbearing and I'll be smoking this for now. I wonder if shisha is like wine betetr with age doubt it but I still think this suff is good.
You may be able to find it in stores that don't move a bunch of shisha. If you do see some in store that's past the expriation date make a fuss about it and they will probably discount it or give it to you free. Let us know if your local shop has any expried AF.
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