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Default Noticed something odd...

I had lite (well started to lite) an Exotica coal the other day and had to stop and rush away to do something. Instead of leaving it, I dumped it whole into the kitchen sink, in a small bowl of water.

I then proceded to forget it was there for 4 days...

Yesterday when I saw it STILL in the bowl of water I was shocked... it was still whole (in the 2" stick section). I picked it up and nearly dropped the thing. Turns out the coal adsorbed ALOT of water - the coal was jelly like. A wiggly mass of black carbon that reeked to high heck...

This I thought was VERY strange - not the smell part, but rather the TURNING TO JELLY part. If I had stopped to think, I would have taken a picture instead of just tossing the whole mass into the trash, if felt nasty to hold (imagine cold dead fish that has solidified in it's own jelly)

Does anybody have a clue as to WHY the coal did this? Anybody ever seen or heard of a whole stick doing this before??
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