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Default screw usps

ok so i got a small order from MNH yesterday, covered in tape with a "received damaged at________" with nothing written in the location, ok what ever. open it and the scali mod is fine (they packed it to survive a small nuke explosion). pulled out 1 pack of shisha, 2 pack of shisha, grabbed the 3rd and it was stuck, when the box got crushed and retaped it got taped to it the box basically. ok all that came fine. toss the shisha in tubs and went to sleep cause i picked it up kinda late. go back in the morning and realize i forgot to grab the tongs out... wait what tongs. checked the pack list and it was checked off. so i called mnh and asked if they dealt with USPS in this situation or if i should, they said i should and if it didnt get resolved call them back. call usps "was the box insured" "no ma'am" "ok well i can take your info and youll get a call back in a day" "ok"

asked me what was lost (kinda hard to explain what hookah tongs are over the phone).

so now i wait. frankly some one had to fall on the box or dropped a huge box on it cause 2 corners were ripped out and half of the box was crushed

gar, and now im fighting with a pack of tangier to get it acclimated right but ill win by tomorrow i think

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