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Default Re: Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

I donít see big tobacco companies ever getting into the narghile market in part because they never bothered with the premium cigar market when it was booming and vast fortunes were made. They didnít bother with premium cigars and they wonít bother with our hobby because both are very small relative to the size of the cigarette/crap cigar market. They also know that since our hobby is dominated by college kids it is a transitory market not worth major long term investments. They also realize that give the regulatory and tax environment for tobacco is lousy and the tobacco prohibitionists are already going after narghile stuff the long terms risks are very high. As a result of all these things tobacco companies will focus on non-tobacco markets and possibly stop selling tobacco in the West all together within the next 10 years.

All that said, big tobacco doesnít have any reason to tryand hurt our hobby because any anti-tobacco initiative will hurt them as well. Simple economics and risk avoidance explains why big tobacco will ignore narghiles just as it ignored premium cigars. Besides, as someone said the market for crap rigs has already been cornered by the PRC and itís simply impossible to beat them on price.
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