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Default Re: If you ever lose your ball bearing.

Originally Posted by Sambooka
Originally Posted by ioannisds
Originally Posted by Sambooka
KK, had one in the KM Hafa I bought from her, it was made of plastic. Hey KK, where did you get that!? I would like to get some more of those.

Lol, she got that from me when I sold it to her . My original started to get corroded almost immediately after I got it, and I used an airsoft BB in its place, which worked perfect. You can get them at any sporting goods store or even Wal-Mart. Sam, PM me your address an I'll pop a few in an envelope for ya.
Haha, well your original KM Hafa has made its way to my house I love that relief valve ball, great idea! Is it a certain size?
The BBs are 6mm, but I don't think it matters very much. As long as you have something that is round and covers the hole in there while being small enough to move around freely, you are good. I've even heard of people rolling up tiny little balls of foil and putting them in there with great success. Thankfully, hookah smoking is not rocket science.
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