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Default Re: Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

Originally Posted by squareben View Post your saying is...cigarettes are care is bad...


Whats your argument?
I think anything is fine in moderation, but thats not what cigarettes are about, people get hooked on cigarettes because they smoke lots every day. Cigars/hookahs etc are fine because they arent something people do all day every day.
this is all in regards to hookah, hookah regulation, hookah, availability, and hookah quality.

cigarettes are good for us because that is the current target of anti tobaccoites, universal health care is "bad" in junos opinion because nationalized/socialized health care pushes people to stop using tobacco (juno correct me if i am wrong but that is how i interpreted your comments)

i am a fan of nationalized health care personally though, im a "democrat", i support obama, im ok with taxes as long as stuff gets done that is good for everyone, and i want my guns and tobacco, virginia democrats FTW

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