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Default Re: Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
So cigarettes are a good distraction...fair enough.
And I do see where hes going...
But i don't think hookah would ever warrant the attentions of anti-tobacco groups, cigarettes are just so much more of a problem.
The small number of people that would fight to keep hookah were it to be banned, is the reason that it wouldn't BE banned.
maybe but i think also part of it is that its a "cultural item", the perception is that people do not smoke it every day since there are lounges for it, and also it makes it seem like people are not/cannot be addicted to it (what ever that argument is not important at this point of the discussion) since its at a gathering place.

im becoming a huge believer in the whole "if its natural you can use it" even though i dont use anything other than tobacco but really, most of the issues we have with substances is that people mess with them so much that they then cause issues (cigs having 4000 chemicals, dip having 400, etc). i really dont think natural plain tobacco is any where near as bad for you as a modern cig

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