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Default Re: Juno Discusses "Big Tobacco"

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
I would agree. I think most natural stuff is fine. Again, anything in moderation.
You just have to remember that anything, natural or otherwise, is going to be bad for you if you have too much. Thats why i'm going to stick to smoking my hookah only occasionally.
And i totally agree about cigarettes - You know they contain cyanide?
What i would like to know is: Exactly WHAT is in shisha?
...Whats in tobacco for that matter :P
it would be very easy to do just need to find some one that will allow us to have access to a gas chromatograph. you put in an organic sample and it heats up, as each chemical in the sample is burned off it registers exactly what it is and the concentration of the sample. awesome machine, i do have a friend that works with these but theres no way i could pull off getting him to run samples for me (seeing as a- hes 5 states away, b- its not his machine to do what he wants with, and c-hes busy doing real work)

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