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Default Re: Noticed something odd...

Originally Posted by sammniamii View Post
Yeap... the piece I put in water last night has swelled up a good bit and is soft and spongy already. Underneath the soft parts I can still feel harder places. It's probably the binding agent and the wood fibers, but still kinda creepy when it was all wiggly and jello like. I wonder what's in Exoticas that is "binding" them together?

The Egyptian - most QL's do have sulphur in them, most naturals don't (are aren't supposed to). Akhla's are QL's - explodie quiklites - LOL

matt - nothing else I added was in the water, just standard tap water.... but we all know what they add to Tap Water these days to make it safe for us to drink. I wonder if anything in that could be aidding, but I don't think it's the main cause of the "wiggly coal".
well chlorine is is very basic, given there is such a small amount but that stuff is not pretty (rusted a perfectly good utility knife i had cause i didnt rinse and dry it off after cutting open a bag of granular chlorine when i used to life guard... still pisses me off, that was a nice handle that got ruined, could care less about the blades. hell tap water ruined a second handle assembly i had cause i didnt dry it out after cleaning it)

not to mention all the pharmaceuticals that dont get cleaned out in the filtration

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