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Angry Hookah Hell

Hi guys, I am having one hell of a problem with my Mya Bambino right now. Yes, even the Phenom has encountered such a horrid problem with his beloved Bambino. One minute I am turning heads left and right with incredible smoke density, yet as of now I am getting NO smoke. I have checked for air tightness, and it is air tight like a Lock-N-Lock. I decided perhaps I packed the bowl too tightly so I packed another bowl very loose and checked the airflow. PERFECT. STILL, no smoke. Only a tad bit. So I dismantle the hookah and clean it from top to bottom, checking everything out. I set it up again and lit fresh coals and STILL to no avail. I am using Nakhla Coffee at the moment this happened. Could it be the tobacco I am stumped and very unhappy right now. This has NEVER happened!!! I must say my base grommet has a very slight tear in it, so I tried the wet paper towel rig, NOTHING. Everything is air tight, I set my bowl up like always, I'm using lots of coals, but STILL NO SMOKE. WHY!?
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