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Default Band Tour and Narghile Stuff

Lots of people have been asking where Iíve been lately so rather then write a bunch of PMs Iíll tell everyone about what has been happening lately. My band Ethereal Omega has been taking all my free time lately (Iíve also had to take off time from work ) with a mini tour in Northern Germany and Denmark and getting out a couple of singles and an E.P.

Anyway, weíve got this new guy on bass whose pal got us a caravan to move all our stuff around in and I saw how a serious narghile fan can keep on smoking without recourse to miniature rigs and the dangers of having coals slide around as you drive. Between the two front seats was a wooden frame bolted to the floor that held a big Syrian in place while a metal tray went around the bowl with rods and a collar circling around the stem just below the ashtray served to keep the coals from flying. In the back was similar setup that held a couple of very big Syrian ice chambers and in both the front and back was hooks hanging from the ceiling to rest your hoses on. The guy even had one of those shisha vac machines running off a battery pack to start coals and clean hoses as well has lots big pillows and Ottoman seats not to mention a batter powered cooler filled with fruit and drinks. The most amazing setup Iíve seen in any vehicle ever.

It was totally amazing to be driving around smoking Serbetli Black and Contentment Daqiqi while talking with friends and listening to Outskirts of Infinity and Bevis Frond. Hard to believe but yeah, I am starting to get sick of the songs Desdemona, Long Journey Into Light and Wild Weeds.

We played with a bunch of bands from the Dead Peach/Orange Sunshine sort of groove and a band that sounded like a cross between Sun O & Isis. I was amazed how many people I ran into that where into narghile stuff and smoked from real rigs not Chinese crap. I got to smoke a toasted Cavendish style jurak with Jeff Ross of Aliceís Orb and some right wing kid gave me some Al-Malek Plumb which is really good and I never even heard of the brand until now.

Lots of people at the shows say my voice is like Christian from Great Escape/My Sleeping Karma but I donít see it personally. I also had some someone ask how I lost part of my nose so I told her what I tell everyone, I lost a fight with a penguin which always gets a good great reaction. Some hippy girl I ran into knew about one of my ancient bands The Majestic Fog which totally surprised me and she was seemingly fascinated by my scaring which I found pretty freaky.

We managed to sell all the 10" E.P's, 7" and CD singles we pressed which was really great and some guy traded me a very nice blue Bohemian vase for a 10" E.P. which fitted perfectly onto a Syrian that needed a base. I traded some Contentment Daqiqi for an Autumn Project LP with some Danish hippy girl which was a very nice surprise

All in all I couldnít think of a better way to spend a few days.

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