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Default New hookah :)

Well my new hookah just arrived. I decided on the Mya Gyro. My two desires in a new hookah were, a carrying case and multi hosed. This will be traveling with me on camping trips, and whats a good trip without friends

A lot of you said to stick with the single hose models, and this is a single hose. I bought two of the Mya hose ports so i can add two more hoses as needed.

I have heard there has been some issues with Mya's glass, and while i dont doubt you...........I have to say the vase is very thick and heavy, weighs as much as the stem.

The stem is pretty heavy duty and a piece of art in itself. I have to go to work but as soon as i get home i am cranking this puppy up.

The only real quality issues i can see right now is the stem. There is a tube that runs inside all the hollow metal work. the metal work does not seem to fit as neatly as i would desire. Oh its solid and looks great, but as you look at it in detail it appears that some of the edges are not straight. Easy fix though.

All i can say is SWEET
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