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Default Leaky Flavor

So after all your reviews on the new Vortex bowl and me only ever smoked out or a standard bowl i decided to get one(hope mine has holes at the top no the bottom). So i placed and order from Sahara Smoke last night and was feeling like a smoke. I got the whole rig ready and loaded some AF Plum, which is really good, and as soon as i set it on the coffee table and put the coals on... i just happened to be eye level with the table. i glanced at the vase and the down stem in the water and saw a STEADY stream of shisha juice just pouring into the base. needless to say i couldn't have placed that order soon enough. i have noticed the base water gets discolored with the juice before but never really took the time to notice to what extent. Does this happen to anyone else to this magnitude, it was consistently pouring for about 25 mins and the base turned yellow.

Thanks to all responses
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