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Default Glass Phunnel + Glass screen = crappy first experience

Hey all !

1st post here, very nice forums Been hitting the search button feature a lot, thank god for vBulletin fast engine!

Tonight I've had my first experience with a Phunnel. Unfortunately I had to order my new Hookah (a KM Thalata) and the rest seperately. So this morning arrived the Tangiers and AF flavors with the Small MNH Glass Phunnel and the screen.

I've been smoking out a generic no-name Hookah for over a year and it broke, and only found the huge Hookah market when I googled it.

For the glass phunnel and screen owners, how tight do you pack the bowl and does the screen touch the shisha?

My first bowl was Tangiers Kashmir Peach that I acclimated for 8 hours. Packed it tight with the shisha barely touching the screen. I put 3 burning cocos on it, and man... I got almost instant smoke, it was dense, but so harsh, and no taste.

I removed one coco, the smoke was less harsh but still had little taste. I could see the shisha almost bowling through the screen, so I ended up changing for AF, which I hear is less difficult to pack.

This time I had the shisha not even touching the screen, and used 3 cocos. The smoke was dense the whole time, not harsh at all, but the taste was not very present.

I smoked in regular clay bowls before and even that experience was better.

Any tips for you owners would be appreciated! EDIT: Now that I think of it, I never really mixed and stir neither of the shishas.... could this be the reason for the lack in taste?

Thank you!

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