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Default Re: 13 inch dragon bell hookah

I bought the dragon bell and it has it's got the good and the bad about it. First the bad. 1. The base it totally unstable. The base is REALLY small and the amount of water you put into it isn't enough to secure the base down and a little tug on the hose and down go goes the hookah. It happened within the first 15 mins of having the hookah. 2. The ash try is TINY. Super duper tiny. I refuse to use it because it is just too tiny. 3. The "tongs" that come with the hookah isn't tongs. The "tongs" are connected to the ash tray and the are so flimsy that I don't think they can even be used. Ok so now the good. 1. Each base is hand painted so it isn't perfectly done by a machine and I really like that. 2. The same goes for the stem. They kept the welds on the hose adapter and it looks almost gritty. It's awesome. 3. My hose is a nice blue/silver hose and it looks better then the brown synthetic ones I have. I bought the blue base. 4. It hits almost as good as my 26" Mya. 5. It fits perfectly next to my computer so I can smoke it while on the computer.

Overall Rating: 7/10. The reason it's 7 is because of the unstabilty of it and the ash try being so small and basically no tongs.
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