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Default Re: Coconare - Overhyped

i bought both when i first got my rig and ya the ccns seem to take 1.5-2 times the time to light and 1.5 as much compared to 1/4s of exoticas. only advantage is that the exoticas, even the good one, some times break apart (CCNs just let a few of the bits go here and there so idk) having to flip all the time really put me off of them and the fact that they go out if you take them off and let them sit where as my exoticas stay lit and just smolder so i can add them back as needed

also the exoticas i think give better control on how much you can out on.

dont get me wrong the CCNs are high quality and all just not what i like, maybe i didnt give them a good enough try but they just seem like a pita for me
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