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Post One way to get the most out of a bowl...

I don't think its just me but I have noticed everytime i used my egyptian bowl theres always a crust of burned shisha on top and unburned shisha at the bottom...which leads to tossing out good shisha...I have figured out a way to make it burn thoroughly and last longer...its pretty simple and really helps.

1) fill your bowl as you would normally
2) then stick your index finger through the middle so theres a whole in the middle. Make sure the shisha doesn't over flow or else its just going to burn and get stuck on the foil.
3) then put the foil on as usual, poke holes, and smoke...

this method really help me us all the shisha and made my sessions last longer. I'm not sure if anyone else posted this already but I'll do it anyway...hopefully it helps you like it helped me...

P.S. its always great to invest in a tangiers phunnel bowl...its great investment.
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