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Default scali mod makes all shisha taste like sugar?

ok so im not sure what im doing wrong or what im just packing the bowl like i would in a normal bowl by sprinkling it in

it first happened with a AF/SB/laylian mix, then with an af mix, then with a sb laylian mix. i get good flavor for about 10-15 mins then it gets sweeter and sweeter to the point i just cant smoke it any more.

small phunnel with 2/4s or 2/3s on it same results just no harshness. am i just using to much heat for it or what? i tried cooling it off then putting coals back on and got it again, then pulled out the shisha and tossed it in an egyptian bowl and it was pretty dry after like 20 mins, still moist to the touch but not remotely wet.

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