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Default Re: Coconare - Overhyped

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I've been hearing how great coconaras are pretty much whoever i ask so i decided to order 5 boxes of them, so i have a decent stash of them, but i just dont like them, they seem to change the taste of my shisha and take way too long to light, they are geat compared to most coals on the maket, but personally i think he exoticas are way better, they dont add flavour to even the mellowest flavour such as AF Berry or Mango, and when i used the cocnara's i could barely taste the berry or mango,

From now on exoticas all the way
I find coconaro to me the most "natural coal". If you wanna put it to the test do this, take your exotica coal and heat it up till glowing then put it out.. tell me about what you smell. With coconara do the same thing and tell me what you smell. The bottom line is coconaras are more natural then exotica.
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