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Default Re: Band Tour and Narghile Stuff

I guess I missed what you're asking Juno.

Anyway, I got to check out the footage of some of the places we played at found out to my surprise it was shot on 16mm film! The sound quality sucks but luckily the guy our drummer's brother ran the sound board and he made tapes on a 1/2" Studer reel to reel deck and it sound great. Basically i'll have to combine the sound track and film footage and then transfer everything to video.

Off hand i'd say the best bits are 3 covers (If Not This time by 50 Foot Hose, Rocket USA by Head of David and Like Rats by Godflesh) in terms of intensity and audience response which is weird as we never played that stuff live before and we don't do civers much at all.

Also, the narghile caravan is in the film along with a bunch of pics of very cool rigs inclueding my Ishfani stuff in use. I also some footage of that crazy French electronic narghile in use which is kinda cool.
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