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Default Re: Give me some advice

when you pack your bowl are you packing it all the way to the top rim of the bowl? You want to leave about a 1/2 inch from the bowl rim to the shisha. If you still get that burnt taste, you might have to much heat. If you want lots of thick clouds, heat is where it's at, but most of the time you burn your shisha much faster. Try one coal in two pieces on each side of the bowls rim, also make sure your coals are ready. Quick lights and natural coals have to be burnt for a while (so that they are ashed over really good and there is no black on the coals). If they are put onto the shisha to soon, it will ruin the smoke session. So shisha 1/2 inch from the bowls rim, 1 quick light (ashed over really good with no black) into two pieces on opposite sides of the rim, and two pieces of foil. If the flavor you get after this is still hot, try more ice in the base and or putting your stem in the freezer for a while. Good luck.
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