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Default Re: Tangiers Dogging

I guess some folks will speak their minds fully and won't sugar coat their opinion. I am one of those people. It isn't about dogging a product it's about giving your honest opinion of it. My honest opinion is it smells horrible, it tastes horrible, and regardless of the buzz it is unpleasant. Here's an open invitation... anyone who has smoking Tangiers "down" and you are ever near Western Maryland or in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and you want to come see some beautiful mountains for an afternoon come share a session with me. If you can make Tangiers taste like anything but Bar b Que grease and blackstrap molasses, I'll shake your hand and admit I'm wrong. There are alot of new folks that want to try whatever folks say is good, and could be mislead by people singing praises for a "difficult to master" shisha. I see plenty of positive comments and opinions about Tangiers and that's fine, but realize others may not like it and it's fine for them to say so too.
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