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Default Re: Which Hookah should i buy?

Originally Posted by HookahGuys View Post
KM are usually good for heavier smokers (if you like lots of smoke and not a very long lasting bowl)... KM's last long, and hold their value as they are of the top egyptian manufacturers, along with Majdi Zeidan (which is a bit more expensive)
Your other option is to go with a Syrian (preferably a Nour hookah). They are heavy duty made (solid brass) and outlast most other hookah. They don't quite smoke as heavy as KMs ('cause they're made for the bowl to last longer).
I get 2+ hours per bowl and no lack of clouds from my 32" KM and phunnel. Both KM and MZ will perform beautifully using a phunnel. As does my 26" J&R Syrian. You can't go wrong with any of the major brands. KM, MZ, MYA, Nour.
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