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Unhappy Hookahs and Starbucks

My wife and I just had a rather nasty experience at our local Starbucks this evening. While at the franchise on the other side of town...we had seen several people smoking their hookah pipes, not bothering anyone and not being bothered...we decided to go to the Starbucks closest to where we live, drink coffee and smoke our hookah outside.
Not long after we arrived, one of the Barrista's came out saying that a customer from the drive thru window had complained, saying that that was not regular shisha tobacco in our pipe. We took out our marlette shisha and let him see that what we were doing was perfectly legal. He then, in the nicest of tones, asked us to put our hookah away before he had to call the police.
I do not understand this. We weren't harming anyone, nor were we doing anything illegal. Just a rant on what others can do to peaceful people such as my wife and I. Feel free to post your own experiences. And, thank you for making us feel welcome here.
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