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Default Tangiers (Lucid) + Funnel + CH Naturals = Long Sessions

wow its been a while since i posted a topic..

anyways hows everyone doing?
i've been using John's CH Natural coals for a few days and I purchased some Tangiers Lucid Horchata and these sessions have been lasting for a long time. The first bowl was about an hour and 10 minutes (2 pieces of coal and poking the holes the way john showed me to with a windcover). Then with the same bowl about after an hour break I smoked with my little brother again with the same flavor and i re-foiled the bowl and started another two pieces of coal and had a good 50 minute session (it was from about 4:10 to about 5) and the flavor was still distingushable. Then I had a personal session before I slept with the same flavor and had a 45 minute session (with long breaks between pulls) with the same amount of flavor and towards the end it started to burn but I was supremely satisfied for the day. I'm telling you this to let you know that Tangiers Lucid plus Tangiers small funnel plus ******* Hookah Naturals are a righteous combination. What a match made in heaven.
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